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California Overwatch Agency

California Overwatch Agency


California Overwatch Agency is a consulting firm who's main objective is to connect you to experts within the cannabis community who provide professional services such as security, threat assessment, waste, legal assistance and more. 


Sharing our devotion to the cannabis industry, we’ve invested our resources in directing our clients to the best guru’s in the business. Our team of affiliates know how to evaluate each situation methodically while producing an action plan to keep your business safe and operational.

Be our client, and join our family. Call us today for a free consultation and let's get you connected with the best in the west!

Our Team


CSI Protective Services has provided exceptional Protective Services since the year 2000. Our Officers are known for their respect, integrity, and professionalism and are held to the highest standard. We are known for our high quality and confidential work with large Corporations, small businesses, and personal inquiries.

Waste Management

We have a passion for cleaning up what people discard. When we enter your farm, we know we make a difference. When we take your dry waste, we are proud to get that product back into the farms after we process it into the finest compost around.

Threat Assesment

We understand every business, corporation or individual is unique, thus nothing we do is uniform—everything is tailored to our clients’ specific situations. We design and implement investigative and security measures that insure safety, security, privacy and peace of mind, ultimately allowing our clients to continue and achieve further success.


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California Overwatch Agency

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